Here is a list of golf resources to help you learn more about the game of golf.

  1. PGA Tour Official Site
    • The official website of the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) Tour, providing news, scores, and player information.
  2. USGA – United States Golf Association
    • The USGA is the governing body of golf in the United States, offering rules, championships, and course ratings.
  3. R&A – The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews
    • The R&A is the governing body for the rules of golf outside the United States and Mexico.
  4. Golf Digest
    • A comprehensive resource for golf news, tips, equipment reviews, and instructional content.
  5. Golf Channel
    • A television network and online platform providing golf news, analysis, and live coverage.
  6. MyGolfSpy
    • An independent source for unbiased and data-driven reviews of golf equipment.
    • Offers a variety of golf-related content, including news, instruction, and lifestyle features.
  8. World Golf Hall of Fame
    • Explore the history of golf and learn about legendary players inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  9. GolfWRX
    • A community-driven platform with forums discussing golf equipment, courses, and instruction.
  10. Top 100 Golf Courses
  11. The Sand Trap
    • An online community with forums covering a wide range of golf-related topics.
  12. Golf for Beginners